From start to finish, your question will be personally addressed by an experienced Public Relations Officer at our office, thus allowing you the best possible chance at success doing step by step in Indonesian Market.

Business License
If you are dealing with the complexities of the Business License system in Indonesia, JdunggioIndonesia, Welcome is here to help. We take pride in the clients that we represent and the cases that we handle. We are ready to help you find a favorable solution to your cases and questions.

Public Relations & Marketing
When the marketplace is flooded with many competing versions of products, the success of new entry challenges PRs’ and marketers’ skills to differentiate it from others. JdunggioIndonesia retains to help develop and implement a PR program. This will be started with conducting extensive consumer research and continue with implement the program plan, press conference and media campaign. It is increasingly recognized that the expertise of Public Relations professional can contribute markedly to successful development, introduction and marketing of a new product and recognition of a new facility. We will help you to achieve the goals.

Media Monitoring
Our team will help to monitor media coverage in Indonesia that suits with our client needs. We will give you advices to screen out appropriate National and Local media. The aims are to assist and to distribute client’s positive information and good image to Indonesian stockholders and community through strategic media selection.

Government Affairs
We will help you to have a good communication and a good understanding with the national and local government. We are conducting a regular research to follow updated news that could affect our client future business.