JDunggioIndonesia is a national PR Agency, which specializes in handling Business licenses and Public Relations in Indonesia. We understand Indonesian market complexity, consumer behaviors and how to approach and build good relationship with the stakeholder.

Our team has a strong background in Public Relations area and extensive experience in handling every line business in Indonesia. “We are trying to assist customers as our prominent objective and Customer Satisfaction is our main goal”, this is our aim when conducting a business.

When entering a new market, a company needs to apply for the right license, it requires understanding on the specific national rules and regulations. JdunggioIndonesia gives advices on certain legal consideration. These include consulting the most appropriate legal form, in order to obtain the most suitable business license and permits.

As a national PR Consultant, besides we understand how to manage a company business license, we also identify and understand local consumer behavior and national media channels. As a result, we demonstrate a good community relation with targeted public and maximizing a company approach with the targeted national media.